Aufbau einer erschwinglichen Cyber-Sicherheitstechnologie, damit wir alle globalen Benutzer schützen können, um ein offenes und zugängliches Internet aufrechtzuerhalten und das Leben und die Chancen für alle Menschen zu verbessern.

Der Vorteil des Schutzes des gesamten Internets liegt bei den schutzbedürftigen und nicht anspruchsvollen Benutzern. Wenn wir die Hochländer in Papua-Neuguinea schützen können, können wir das globale Problem der Cybersicherheit lösen.


Internet 2.0's own Invention to hide your network from hackers

Advanced Encryption

Makes traffic unreadable to traditional interception

Intrusion Detection

Detect malware and attackers by anonymously inspecting data packets

Packet Blocking

Block packets once they are detected as a threat before they reach the user

Advanced Firewall

Fully Configurable Firewall with advanced default settings

Configurable Routing

Has the capability to configure as a router and configure VLANs

Shanghai CCP leak


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INTERNET 2.0 is a new secure version of the internet that balances both privacy and security. It is based on advanced cyber technologies and encryption. 

You can connect to the new Internet 2.0 by buying a 2.0 Security Appliance.

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2.0 Security Appliance (Small)


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13 December 2020

Shanghai CCP Members 

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Released on 13 December 2020 Internet 2.0 provided key technical and infrastructural support to the consortium that leaked the Shanghai CCP Members list.

Working with a media consortium and IPAC for 2 months, lead by Sharri Markson for the Australian and Jake Ryan for the Mail on Sunday, Internet 2.0 was able verify and provide technical support to validate the database. We were also able to verify the online source of the data. 

Internet 2.0 values privacy above all and will not be leaking or dumping the personal details from the data.

The Australian

Mail on Sunday

14 September 2020

Zhenhua Data 

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Internet 2.0 provided key technical and infrastructural support to the consortium that leaked the Overseas Key Information Database (OKIDB) compiled by Zhenhua Data inc.

Working with a Media Consortium for 4 months, including Angus Grigg from the AFR as well as the Washington Post, Indian Express, UK Telegraph, Il Foglio and the Globe and Mail. Internet 2.0 was able to provide the support needed to bring this global data privacy issue to light. 

The Australian Financial Review

UK Telegraph

Washington Post

Globe and Mail

Indian Express

16 August 2020

China: Facial Recognition

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Working with Sharri Markson on Sky News Australia, Internet 2.0 revealed evidence of China's mass surveillance programs, this one being in Tongren City in central southern China, specifically the Tujia and Miao Autonomous County. 

The data showed the sophistication of real time Facial recognition and the high level of corresponding Metadata attached to individuals in the surveillance systems. This included personal information, addresses and phone numbers.

Sky News Australia

The Australian

 Zhenhua Data Leak 
Shanghai CCP Members

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